Plan at the speed of relevance

Onebrief is your presentation-ready tool for joint planning. We bring the power of AI to campaign, contingency, and crisis planning at Joint Task Forces and above.


Orient quickly

Onebrief puts your inputs in one place, helping you orient quickly to new problem sets and conduct timely, high-quality mission analysis.

Build fewer slides

Onebrief builds and auto-updates your outputs – briefings, sync matrices, maps, and written orders.

Make doctrine simple

Not everyone on your team has joint planning experience. We make it simple, using acronym translation, process help, and approval workflows.

Stay agile – even with the largest plans

Updating dozens of documents is slow and error-prone. With Onebrief, changing one staff product affects all the others. With the right notifications and approvals, of course.


why onebrief

The insight to end a 57-year losing streak

Since 1963, governments have spent billions on dozens of efforts to create joint planning software. Surprisingly, they all lost to PowerPoint.

Why? Software is doomed if it fails planners in their most visible task – briefings.

PowerPoint won, because staffs' core task is to brief a busy commander. If you judge by usage alone, PowerPoint is among the best military equipment in history. US Forces in Afghanistan alone have created 15 million slides. PowerPoint may meet short-term needs, but the long-term costs are disastrous. Millions of opaque files obscure your data, leaving you with shallow understanding, duplicative work, and slow decisions.

We learned from the fast rise and slow tragedy of PowerPoint. Like PowerPoint, Onebrief is highly visual and presentation-ready. Unlike PowerPoint, we put your data to work.

Grant Demaree
Rafa Pereira

We’ve lived your reality

Grant (CEO) first encountered large-scale planning as a lieutenant in Liberia during the Ebola epidemic. While serving with SOJTF-OIR in Iraq, he sketched Onebrief when he saw how hard it was to adapt large plans.

Rafa (CTO) spent his career building software that supports data-informed decisions. He’s led engineering teams across venture-backed startups ( and as VP at a Fortune 100 company (IAC).

Our advisors know your world. They include Dr. Andy Terrel (President of NumFocus, prominent in Machine Learning) and LTG (R) H.R. McMaster.

To design Onebrief, we interviewed 264 stakeholders – from lieutenants to Combatant Commanders, across the US and our allies. Even so, you almost certainly have something new to tell us. Reach out at

The creativity of a Silicon Valley startup

We’re a true startup, backed by a mix of Silicon Valley venture capital and former military officers. We’re also an AFWERX (US Air Force) SBIR awardee. This makes it fast and easy for your command to get Onebrief.

Time is the dominant parameter. Whoever goes through the OODA cycle in the shortest time prevails, because his opponent is caught responding to situations that have already changed.

COL John Boyd, USAF

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As our adversaries get faster, as the world gets more complex, planning gets harder. Is your team ready?

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