Agile military

Onebrief makes military planning fast enough to outpace near-peer adversaries

“Time is the dominant parameter. Whoever goes through the OODA cycle in the shortest time prevails, because his opponent is caught responding to situations that have already changed.”

COL John Boyd, USAF

Multi-domain operations need agile planning. Not PowerPoint.

With an outcomes-based, AI-assisted, end-to-end solution, Onebrief automates the mundane steps, so you can focus on outcomes-based thinking.


Organize your plans around effects: integrate air, ground, sea, space, cyber, and many other capabilities to achieve an effect

Effects based

Convert assumptions to facts

To plan is to assemble a puzzle. Its pieces are assumptions inching closer to the truth.

Convert assumptions
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Automate and integrate

You’ll never again have to copy details into five documents that don’t talk to each other.

Cause and effects

What Our Users Say

Planning in Onebrief means seeing the situation like your commander does. But honestly, I just love not having to arrange stuff in PowerPoint.

Captain in the Ranger Regiment

This is exactly what I need. It’s the same process we’re already familiar with, but with none of the bloat.

SOCOM crisis action planner

I’m a very visual person. So I have to say, I really loved doing it this way.

SAASS graduate and A5

Bring agile planning to your staff