You were tasked with an important strategic question. You have been chosen because you are known to be thoughtful, fast, and comfortable with uncertainty.

After expanding your perspective and mapping your options, your primary job is done. You have a strategy for meeting your highest priority goals. You have an in-depth understanding of your situation, and the clarity of focus that are essential for success. You were able to accomplish that with speed and just the right amount of analysis to make you confident on your choices.

Now it's time to brief others, so others can feel as confident as you do.

Luckily, there's no need to create a slide deck. You can present your strategy right in Onebrief, with all the context that led to your choices, and in a format that anyone can understand.

What is Onebrief?

Onebrief is a visual tool designed to enable you to make faster strategic decisions with confidence.

It is based on the basic principle that your best options maximize the outcomes most important to you. We attempt this intuitively, but it quickly becomes overwhelming without a tool to assist.

Using Onebrief, you will map your options to their outcomes. By using a handful of specific building blocks, you end up with a map that is more than just a beautiful visualization. It is rich with meaning that Onebrief leverages to offer insights, so no matter how wide your decision space, you can easily decide which options to prioritize and which ones to eliminate.

Unlike other visual tools, Onebrief never requires you to manually draw and shape boxes. This way, you can focus solely on your content, move fast, and know it's always presentation ready.

In case you haven't watched our 90sec explainer video, we highly recommend you do. Here it is:

Use cases

Onebrief is optimized for the types of decisions we most commonly make, where we have insufficient data and cannot simply apply a formula to find the answer.

Some examples include:

  • Prioritization
  • Goal setting (incl. OKRs)
  • Group decision-making
  • Pre-mortems

What it is not

Don't let those boxes and arrows fool you. Onebrief brings something new, even though it might look like other tools you've already seen.

Onebrief is not a flowchart tool

Flowcharts are meant to communicate the details of an established process, as a sequence of steps. Only what belongs to that process is represented in the flowchart.

Onebrief on the other hand, is a new take on the classic influence diagram. It is meant to communicate possibilities and their relationships based on cause-and-effect relationships ("if this, then that").

Onebrief is not a mindmap tool

Mindmaps are a general purpose tool used to organize information as a hierarchy of concepts that share a common root.

Think of Onebrief as a mindmap with superpowers to solve decision problems, instead of simply organizing information. Here’s how:

First, it uses a standard notation, so you don't have to waste important time explaining "what color means what" to your team members.

Second, it offers recommendations, which simplify complex maps and points you towards what's most important.

And lastly, it automatically arranges itself, so none of your scarce time goes towards making your map look good each time you make a change.